The End Of Self Improvement

There’s nothing left to say or do

All there is is silence

No mudra to try

No mantra will do

No chakra to open

No teacher to follow

No more books to read

No workshop to take

The kale salad won’t do

Neither will the cake

No yoga pose will cure this longing

It is beyond me or mine

No more questions

No answers will ever suffice

There is only this ever changing NOW

Words like snowflakes falling from emptiness

God doesn’t speak through words

God hides in the quiet spaces

Shhhhh …..


Right here, right NOW

That is all there is

Resist it and you will suffer

What is is and always will be

Love lost – love found again

Abundance is certain

Thank GOD

Good days are yet to come

Bad days too

There is nothing i can teach you

There is nothing to learn

Sit with me in silence my dear

This moment is all we have and all we know



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