Tru Power of Meditation

Few would disagree – we live in a stressful world. According to the most current medical research, stress either causes or exacerbates 98% of all disease. We all know that sleep is the most relaxing activity that life offers but few have yet to discover that meditation in fact gives the body and mind a…

Lost and found 

No words can describe this emptiness  All words have lost their meaning  Just silence and surrender now Only lovers can truly hear you  I am yours now  I belong to no one but you  I now know I always did 

The End Of Self Improvement

There’s nothing left to say or do All there is is silence No mudra to try No mantra will do No chakra to open No teacher to follow No more books to read No workshop to take The kale salad won’t do Neither will the cake No yoga pose will cure this longing It is…


Friend, please, do not try to decide now. Do not shut any possibility out of your heart. Honor this place of not-knowing. Bow before this bubbling mess of creativity. Slow down. Breathe. Sink into wonderment. Befriend the very place where you stand. Any decision will make itself, in time. Any choice will happen when your defences are down….


गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिंतयेत्।

वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयंति विचक्षणाः॥


The real search isn’t a search into tomorrow, or to anywhere other than now. It’s starting to look into the very nature of this moment. In order to do that, you have to “stand in your own two shoes,” as my teacher used to say. What she meant by “standing in your own two shoes” is you have to look clearly into your own experience. Stop trying to have someone else’s experience. Stop chasing freedom or happiness, or even spiritual enlightenment. Stand in your own shoes, and examine closely: What’s happening right here and right now? Is it possible to let go of trying to make anything happen? Even in this moment, there may be some suffering, there may be some unhappiness, but even if there is, is it possible to no longer push against it, to try to get rid of it, to try to get somewhere else?

Watch This wonderful video by ADYASHANTI.

नमस्ते (namaste)

Yesterday this woman came into a store that I work at. She claimed to be a healer, she said that she can contact my angels, she read my palm. On her business card the letters REV. preceded her name. After having a serious meditation practice for years I can speak from personal knowledge that the more you sit still, the more you practice letting go of all the mind chatter, the more emptiness you find. You do not find messages from god or personal angels. That might sound boring to those that are pursuing the supernatural path, but I can assure you this emptiness is not dull, it’s certainly not boring. This is the most satisfying and full feeling that you will ever experience. There is no longing, no wanting, no needing. There is nothing that can be added or subtracted from this state. And there are certainly no angels, warlocks, magic or extra terrestrial visions or messages that you will find in this deep state of relaxation. This is a true state where your mind rests without going into any stories, where all beliefs and fantasies are suspended, where there is no future or past. There is only a simple beating of your heart, the quiet whisper of your breath, and maybe a chirping bird outside your window. If you are lucky! In some cases it’s a construction worker screaming profanities, but even that too is perfect, because the mind does not react, it’s not interesting or satisfying to react to such trivial things. In this state you recognize that all your beliefs are just mind chatter, that there is no truth, all is perfect and all that is sacred is in the now. I came across this wonderful essay that further discusses this yearning for the sacred, it’s a definite must read!

Light Within

“All traditions of wisdom, all mystics, all seekers of truth, all lovers give us the same message: “There is a fabulous treasure hidden in the human heart!” A brilliant treasure radiating like a 1000 suns. A dazzling luminous Glow progressively or suddenly rising from within the human form to merge with the Source-Light of all creation. This Light is…

Who Am I?

“Initially when we engage the spiritual journey we think that somehow ‘The Mystery’ is a temporary condition. We think that maybe the ideas we have about ourselves are incorrect, but that there are some other ideas that are correct; and that if we pare away the incorrect ideas, somehow we’ll arrive at some definitive idea…

It is your hope for a better future, That keeps you in chains today.

Its very hard to see HOPE as an obstacle on the road to happiness. It is so deeply ingrained in us to hope and to dream of a better future, a brighter tomorrow, that it has almost become sacrilegious to disregard hope in any way. When I came across Ram Tzu’s poetry I finally understood that hoping for a better tomorrow, left me arguing with today. It was only when I accepted everything just as it is, I found true peace and happiness in this very moment.

Do you believe in God?

I recently read this incredible article titled “Confession of a Buddhist Atheist” We all ask ourselves the big questions. We all want proof, some kernel of hope, some idea or belief that makes this life more then what it is. Is there a Just God, a heaven, a hell?…..No one truly knows. I now believe it best to…

Who says words with my mouth?

This Rumi poem was giving to me in a card by a dear friend. I cried the first time I read it. All my life I have been the type of person that sought life’s meaning. Now the search is finally over. The pain and the beauty are all part of the one reality and if you argue with it, you will suffer. It is as it is and this too shall pass!