What is an Ego? 
– Identification with our thoughts, self-imposed limitation and beliefs about ourselves, the world and life. In Sanskrit the word for mind is manas, which translated literally means that which measures and compares.

Why is it a problem? 
– We are habituated to think CONSTANTLY. 
– So we keep thinking about the past or future and always worrying about something that may or may not happen.

The central problem is not that you think too highly of yourself.

Nor is it that you think too lowly of yourself.

Instead, it is that you think constantly of yourself. – Wu Hsin

– Ego keeps us away from living in the NOW; from simply being in the present moment and enjoying what is right in front of us without judgment.

What is the solution? 
– In order to break the identification with the mind, we need to break the HABIT OF THINKING.

– This can be done by watching ourselves moment to moment. By being in the present and by observing our sensations and thoughts. By doing this, we keep ourselves in the present. 

– When you are aware of your thought, you are the observer and the “OBSERVING YOU” is  different from “THINKING YOU”. 

– So you create a new dimension of consciousness by observing your thought, instead of BEING your thoughts. 

– When you do this – the thought loses power.

The Daily Practice!
– Observe your thoughts and emotions without judgement
– Pay special attention to habitual thought patterns. 
– Come into the present by using body sensations, smells, sounds, sights that are around you. 
– Use them as an anchor into the present moment. 
– Whenever you are doing any small activity like washing your hands or lacing your shoe, focus on the task at hand, observe closely your body sensations without any judgement

– The idea is to disengage the mind when NOT REQUIRED and to train the mind/body to stay present.

How will it change my life? 
– These practices of being in the present, give a state of “NO MIND” first once in a while and then gradually the compulsive thinking will reduce (and maybe for some even stop completely

– Once the compulsive thinking gets reduced, you will start experiencing inner peace and uncaused” happiness and contentment. 

– This peace is NOT created, it already exists inside you, covered up by the restless, busy, anxious mind. With more and more practice, the sense of stillness and peace will deepen and deepen.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

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