Light Within

“All traditions of wisdom, all mystics, all seekers of truth, all lovers give us the same message:

“There is a fabulous treasure hidden in the human heart!”

A brilliant treasure radiating like a 1000 suns.

A dazzling luminous Glow
progressively or suddenly
rising from within the human form
to merge with the Source-Light of all creation.

This Light is hiding within each human being
as a single Seed of Infinity
waiting patiently to be uncovered
and kindled to full illumination.

The quest for this Light has been the perennial purpose of life.

This Inner Light is the Beloved within,
the Bride of the mystical wedding.

All human relationships are rehearsals preparing us
for our metaphysical romance:
the cosmic love-making of the sparkle of light
encountering the bon fire,
the small candle flame entering the sun,
the lotus bud blooming,
human becoming angel.”

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